Give Your Money Meaning

Many years ago, I was really good at saving. Now I hope my kids do not think I am blaming them, but once my precious ones came along, saving become much harder to do. I used to be one who could not save a dime, maybe not a dime, but not a dollar. (Not kidding). I was horrible.

Savings Girl

I  decided that I wanted to become a good contributor to my savings. I came up with an idea where I would allow me to trick myself into saving. I would go to bank every week or every other and get $20 worth of quarters or $20 worth of $2.00 bills. That method worked so well for me that after I had saved about $800 on just quarters and $2.00 bills I moved to Florida, and I still today follow that trick with saving.

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What is Your Value?

I ran across a blogger by the name of Mattie James. This young lady has a lot of followers on IG, and some great YouTube content. She wrote a blog about posting content consistently. This is something I wonder about often because I love blogging, but with working full-time, going to school, and trying to maintain everyday life it just get very cumbersome.

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