Wearing White After Labor Day

This is the last week of August and right before the Labor Day Holiday. I spent the majority of my life up in the DMV (D.C. – Maryland –  Virginia) and being there taught me one thing – Never wear white after Labor Day. So, I made a conscious decision to make sure and wear my white denim jeans, because I did not want to be caught by the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day. Now Really!!!

Labor Day - White JeansSince I live in Florida now and it is always warm here – Does that mean the rule has changed? Do you wear white after Labor Day? Before answering this question myself, I decided to do some research on the subject. Where did this start? How did this fashion rule come into existence?

Sometime in the late 19th century –  The society ladies were fighting to be seen. They were the ones with the subtle sense of fashion. The “You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day” rule was created so they could identify the rich from the less than rich. For those who were considered rich would leave the Fashion Capital (New York) during the summertime – all dressed in their white dresses, white linen pants, panama hats (which is all considered summer attire), and would go on vacation. These looks were also considered the “Looks of Leisure”, according to Charlie Scheips – author of American Fashion. Hmmmm

Labor Day - Striped Shirt

Well, a much simpler reason, is when Labor Day became a Federal Holiday in 1894, it marked the end of summer. Vacationers would pack away their breezy white dresses, linen white suits and opt in for darker colored attire.

So now do I follow my up north rule and not wear white or since I live in Florida – change my rule of thought and wear white year round. I would love to hear your thoughts…

Labor Day - White Jeans2

Have a safe Labor Day,


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Hi, I'm Cassandra. East Coast Girlie with Southern Manners 💕 I studied photojournalism, calligraphy and graphic design in college, but ended up working in Accounting for 20+ years. My true passion has been and still is, to write about the things in life that I like or found interesting. Such as - clothing 👗, shoes 👠, quirky things that happen in life and my travels. 🛫. I enjoy expressing myself through words and pictures. 📸 So come join me while we make this experience a joyous one. 💕🎊

2 thoughts on “Wearing White After Labor Day

  1. I love this history, Cassandra! That’s so interesting. I didn’t know the background of the “don’t wear white after Labor Day” rule, and I was curious. I also thought about it this year, and I thought to myself, forget “rules!” GO FOR IT! I have been wearing white denim every other week because that pair that I own fits really well, and it goes great with a lot of different colors! We live in Florida, and these “rules” shouldn’t hold us back from expressing our fashion sense. 🙂

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