Who Are You Meant To Be?

I guess you would answer this question by giving me your name. You would probably follow by telling me where you are from, probably in what order you fall in the siblings line up. But how does that make you so unique from the next person standing or sitting near you.


But what defines you to be who you are and makes you different than any other? Anne Dranitsaris, PhD (creator of the assessment) Who Are You Meant To Be? says that based on Personality Science “I have identified seven “striving styles,” modes of thought and behavior that direct us to seek satisfaction in different ways”.

Well I was curious about who (according to Anne – I was meant to be). The assessment is based on points. The higher the points tells what you are striving to be. Below is mine…

Striving to be Secure

You are a stabilizer: You are the rock in a storm, the one others lean on. Loyal and committed in your relationships, you maintain a support system of like-minded people whom you look out for. (So what if you do it behind the scenes and don’t get credit?) You’re careful with money, cherish the familiar, and defend the traditions you care about.

What to watch out for: Rapidly changing environments (like a shaky economy) are very hard for you. As a result of such instability, you can spiral into a state where everything seems catastrophic and you’re sure life will only get worse. You can reject any suggestion that doesn’t conform to your idea of the way things should be. To avoid being too rigid, each month try changing one habit. Experiment with clothes, drive a different way to work, initiate conversations about subjects you wouldn’t normally discuss. And when the opportunity arises to do something new, avoid the impulse to immediately say no — this may be nerve-racking, but the more you practice, the less anxious you’ll feel.

Looking ahead: You find meaning in pursuing safety and certainty. Focusing on family can give you great satisfaction. Also consider planting a vegetable garden, hosting class reunions, volunteering as a lifeguard, teaching at your church or temple. In the work arena, look for positions where you’re responsible for others, and for making sure everyone is following the rules. You work well in any environment that is stable and consistent. Careers in government, finance, the military, law enforcement, and product manufacturing are strong options for you.

I have to say there is quite a bit written here that describes me and then there are parts I think – Who is that? Of course this is not going to pin point you to the “T” but it may give you a general idea of “Who You Really Are”. How on point was she with your assessment? Let me know…

Be Blessed,


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Hi, I'm Cassandra. East Coast Girlie with Southern Manners 💕 I studied photojournalism, calligraphy and graphic design in college, but ended up working in Accounting for 20+ years. My true passion has been and still is, to write about the things in life that I like or found interesting. Such as - clothing 👗, shoes 👠, quirky things that happen in life and my travels. 🛫. I enjoy expressing myself through words and pictures. 📸 So come join me while we make this experience a joyous one. 💕🎊

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