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May 24, 2018
Its CassandraCulley

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Blogging on a Budget

Starting a blog is something we have all had questions about, but the number one question most new bloggers ask is, ‘Where do I start”? You start with what you are feeling at the time, or what you are doing most; the more you write, you more you will become familiar with what your niche is going to be.When I started blogging I just wanted to write about what I was feeling at that time and moment. Sometimes I can hear someone mention something and there my brain goes trying to figure out how to make sense of that.

So Blogging on a Budget started when I start hearing some people say “Oh I can’t afford all the things needed to blog”. Well with me it just started with WordPress.

I took pictures with my Iphone 6SE. I wasn’t getting much response, so I sorted out some bloggers that were doing really well with the numbers. I found out I needed a better camera, so I went out to find me a better camera. I found one on Amazon, for $449. I thought that was a great deal, until I saw the same camera at a pawn shop for $150.00.

So then I started thinking about using YouTube, but I needed the right lighting to make some good quality videos.  Well, guess what happened, I entered a contest to win a free $100 Amazon gift card. Guess who won, yes that’s right, I did. I used that gift card to buy my $100 ring light.

So now, I have a blog that I will monetize in February with my income tax, because yes I still work a full-time job. I have a $150 camera and a free ring light for videos on YouTube. That part of my life will be coming within the next 2 months.

So if you can think of some other ways of Blogging on a Budget happened for you, please share your comment.

Have a Happy & Safe Memorial Day Weekend,



One thought on “Blogging on a Budget

  1. Okay, I’m going to start blogging this weekend….I’ve got to finish that manuscript first!


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